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Our Vision
Hope in His Vision was founded by me  (Amie Singleton) and my son John Hope Singleton in 2015.  I met John in the summer of 2012 in his huge Rwandan orphanage.  At the time, I had no idea that this teenager with a beautiful smile and zeal for the Lord would soon become my son.  God has better plans for our lives than we could ever imagine.  It all started with a call to help him get proper medical treatment for his eyes and led to an unbreakable family bond.  Jesus has a way of multiplying what even little we are willing to share. When John started his life in the States, he wanted to share what he had too.  We began praying for and giving our love and small financial support to the students who were still living in the difficult conditions that John came from.  Again, Jesus multiplied what little we had to share.  Hope in His Vision was born, and we now have the support of many. We desire to glorify God by loving and caring for the vulnerable.  
John 13:35 "By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another."
We chose the name Hope in His Vision because we want the students to find Hope in God and His Vision for their lives.  We believe in empowering these individuals to find their God-given purposes by sharing the love of Christ with them through caring for their basic needs, medical needs, and education.  Once the students graduate from secondary school, we continue to support them while they attend a university.  We also support a group of students who have graduated from secondary school and are living at the Hope in His Vision Academy.  They participate in Bible studies, technology classes, and spend much of their day learning different trades.  This gives them the opportunity to work and support themselves.   The supervisor of the Academy is a recent college graduate who is also blind.  He is getting to live out his passion by serving his fellow blind brothers and sisters.  We strongly believe in the importance of building relationships with the students to show them they are known and loved.  We want the society to treat these people with dignity and see what they are capable of doing.  There is a huge lack of resources and opportunities for the blind and visually impaired living in Rwanda.  John came here to the States and has flourished in many ways.  He doesn't want to forget the people in Rwanda.  He wants to be a part of bringing much needed resources and support to the country he came from.  I hope you will want to join in our efforts and be a part of this too so that Hope in His Vision can continue to grow and support more blind and visually impaired people who are marginalized and living in poverty.  
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