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We had such an amazing and fruitful trip to Rwanda.  I feel like this was such a meaningful trip in so many ways.  I never know what to expect or exactly what to pray for when I go to Rwanda, so I just diligently ask God to show me the main purpose of the trip when I am there.  He is always so faithful to answer this request of mine.  During my first trip, He connected me to John who is now my beloved son.  Throughout the second visit to Rwanda, the Lord revealed to us the need to somehow find a way to provide training, education, and employment opportunities for the visually impaired students who were graduating high school.  John and I began praying and seeking ways to achie...

Denyse suffers from an undiagnosed condition that plagues her with stunted hair growth and even balding. Insecure of how her appearance might offend others, she feels obligated to wear a wig. Her ambivalence and uncertainty towards her physical self could not be more opposite of her relationship with the Lord. When asked to sing, Denyse never ceases to select a worship song. The transformation from the tender, soft-spoken voice to her sanguine vocals is a delight for all audiences. When you hear her express gratitude for her Savior through song, it dims the struggles we face and provides unfiltered eyes to see where we are not giving the parts of what we have. For most of us,...

I am so thrilled to share some exciting updates with Hope in His Vision!!  It has been an incredible first half of the year, and it looks like the next half is going to be even more amazing!

Thank you all who are sponsoring students, making monthly donations, making one-time donations, and praying for us.  This wouldn’t be possible without your support.  I hope you know how much we appreciate you.  I would also like to greatly thank those of you who support me and John, whether that be through our friendships and time and/or financially supporting us.  This allows me to have more time to work on this ministry because otherwise, I would be having to work even more hours than I d...

You guys, my sister and wonderful nephew have been in Rwanda a few days. The updates I receive just fill my entirety. My heart is deeply moved, I can just feel how God is using them to pour out like a flooding water. They are steadily flowing His love, and His light, and His hope into the lives of these students- the impoverished students of The School for the Blind in Gatagara. Because my sister listened to an ache in the heart of her son,  these students' lives are forever changed. 

Here is a recent email I received from my sister,

"This morning we worked with Manzi to try and reach the three students who have finished high school and desire to go to colleg...

"For God so loved the WORLD, He gave His only son..." I listened to my pastor pray over some individuals today that were concerned for their position in eternity. He quoted John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." What a phrase. What a verse, a verse that we sometimes are too quick to look over, or say with almost a boastful attitude, or not say at all because we have heard it so much that we have allowed its significant meaning to fade into the background-Bible-knowledge of our minds. This verse is consequential for mankind, especially those whose faith is in Jesus. 



Today wh...

Such sorrow has filled my entirety for Jakeline, the newest Hope List member. Her story is full of deep anguish. I empathize

 with each of the Hope List students' stories of suffering and affliction, but Jakeline's story has struck a chord in my soul. 



As a mother, I see these students as children. My care and affections go out to them for their desperate needs as a mother gives her emotions and concerns for her own children. Although I am not there to provide care directly for the students. I am in constant prayer over their provisions.


Attending the School for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Gatagara, Jakeline had aspirations to provide for herself and her family. Mo...


Sandy Lee, an eye doctor in California, agreed to assess John's eyes for further medical attention once he was in the states. She constructed letters that were essential to the documentation needed for John's Visa. She also had a community garage sale that raised support for John. She has been such an important person in the journey to Support John Hope and recently, Sandy began supporting our endeavors with Hope in His Vision! She contributed a gift donation that allowed us to purchase mattresses for the girls at the School for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Gatagara! We are blessed by her generosity and the students are blessed to be provided for when they are unable to...

Today, the blind and visually impaired at Gatagara recieved Nike tennis shoes to replace the tattered and torn sandles they had previously warn. Interested in sponsoring a child? Please visit the Sponsor page at Hope in His Vision. 



Anyone interested in sponsoring a child at Gatagara now has the ability to do so! Recently the boys received new shoes to replace their old sandals! It's absolutely incredible, and already we have one student sponsored! We use paypal, which is one of the safest routes to acquire and distribute the funds. Each child has a specific donation amount, that range from $35 to $50 monthly contributions, depending on the extent of their needs. The reoccurr...

Today the blind and visually impaired at Gatagara recieved funds that will go towards hygiene essentials and shoes for the boys. If you would like to contribute visit the donation page at Donate at Hope in His Vision or sponsor a child at Sponsor at Hope in His Vision.



Today at Gatagara, the blind and visually impaired students recieved encouraging and uplifting letters of encouragement along with hygiene essentials. Several of the students are orphans, others come from extreme poverty. For them, recieving a letter from someone that cares enough to take the time to uplift them with their words, is life-changing. Words of inspiration and reassurance provides light in the seemingly hopeless lives of the students at Gatagara.


"I think we should make a help list for the students at Gatagara, where John went to school in Rwanda...." My sister said this to me about nine months ago. Sometimes the words she uses, like "Gatagara" and "Rwanda" and...

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