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Shoes Have Arrived

Today, the blind and visually impaired at Gatagara recieved Nike tennis shoes to replace the tattered and torn sandles they had previously warn. Interested in sponsoring a child? Please visit the Sponsor page at Hope in His Vision.

Anyone interested in sponsoring a child at Gatagara now has the ability to do so! Recently the boys received new shoes to replace their old sandals! It's absolutely incredible, and already we have one student sponsored! We use paypal, which is one of the safest routes to acquire and distribute the funds. Each child has a specific donation amount, that range from $35 to $50 monthly contributions, depending on the extent of their needs. The reoccurring donation will last for 2 years, during that time you have the option to continue making donations by resubmitting your information, or you may opt out of payments. We understand the financial demands and unexpected financial binds and burdens, so we do not take any offense towards a decision to discontinue sponsoring a student!

Visiting the Hope in His Vision Link Here will allow you to view pictures of the students, as well as discover a portion of their personal history. You will have the ability to sponsor a student, and we still have the option of one time donations. Sonia's case would be a prime example of a desperate need for a one time donation to cover the cost of surgery. But there is an option to sponsor her, for her current care providers are struggling and would be able to better provide for her with the consistent income from a sponsor's generosity.

Another option is to write words of encouragement to these students. We encourage you to become familiar with a specific student and engage in their life through communication. For now, that would be writing letters. My 5 year old has started drawing pictures with encouraging messages to help support the mission behind Hope in His Vision. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please contact us, we are here to assist and help you feel comfortable on this journey too!

I'm thrilled to hear more about John's hiking experience, and I can't wait to post some pictures soon! I am also very excited to start answering anyone's questions, as well as discover what God has in store for blessing these children and students this week!

Thanks so much for everything you guys have done thus far!


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