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Student Spotlight: Denyse

Denyse suffers from an undiagnosed condition that plagues her with stunted hair growth and even balding. Insecure of how her appearance might offend others, she feels obligated to wear a wig. Her ambivalence and uncertainty towards her physical self could not be more opposite of her relationship with the Lord. When asked to sing, Denyse never ceases to select a worship song. The transformation from the tender, soft-spoken voice to her sanguine vocals is a delight for all audiences. When you hear her express gratitude for her Savior through song, it dims the struggles we face and provides unfiltered eyes to see where we are not giving the parts of what we have. For most of us, we grasp at our possessions, digging our fingernails into our closed fists, pleading God not to take that one thing away!! Meanwhile, Denyse holds her time and possessions with open hands, knowing He will fill the voids and provide for her every real and true need.

An ambassador for people helping people, Denyse encourages everyone to give what they have so those lacking can benefit from those with abundance, so those that aspire to learn and achieve can have those dreams made possible by those that have obtained more success, she demonstrate this rule by living it out herself. She meets the needs of those around her, sharing her knowledge, sharing her successes, sharing her hope, sharing her possessions, to make sure those around her are successful as well. Her trust in God's faithfulness allows her freedom in giving the little that she has in her life to those that are more needy.

Her desires of law school are within arms reach, and this would not be made possible without her sponsor and the members of Hope in His Vision. Her ambitions with her career will not only provide the funds needed to support her mother and six siblings, but she plans to defend the weak and impoverished in her community. She demands justice for the fragile and poorly treated not only among the blind community, but all that suffer from unfair judgment in Rwanda.

Thank you for supporting Denyse and Hope in His Vision!!!

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